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Arthur Nappo, Security Supervisor at South Oaks Hospital, Recognized for Outstanding Response

(Amityville, NY, August 25, 2014) Security Supervisor Arthur Nappo was patrolling the grounds of South Oaks Hospital on a summer evening in June when a speeding vehicle pulled up to the front of one of the patient buildings.

The driver said "my friend was at a party and is overdosing on heroin" and Mr. Nappo sprang into action. He immediately ordered the staff to call 911 and called a "code blue." The victim was placed on a nearby lobby floor and the code blue response team began cardiopulmonary resuscitation and administered three doses of Narcan (naloxone).

Eventually, the victim responded and was transferred by Amityville Fire Department ambulance to a local hospital. The consensus among the clinical staff on the scene was that if Mr. Nappo had not acted immediately, the young man would not have survived.

"Artie Nappo clearly made a difference in the life of this young man and demonstrated to all staff the importance of engagement, leadership and teamwork," said Robert E. Detor, president and CEO of South Oaks Hospital and Broadlawn Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

"You just know this guy is in trouble and we needed to get things going quickly," Mr. Nappo said. "I was very happy heading home that evening, knowing he was going to be OK and was extremely proud of the expertise and compassion of the members of our clinical team. I also came away with a heightened awareness regarding the significance of having a drug like Narcan available to support the medical intervention when someone has overdosed."

Gerard Heinz, Director of Security at South Oaks Hospital, called Mr. Nappo a dedicated and respected member of the security team.

"On the evening of this incident," Mr. Heinz said, "he conducted himself in an exemplary manner, providing customer service at the highest level while securing the necessary team in the shortest amount of time to save the life of this young man."

Mr. Nappo is a retired New York City Police Sergeant who has worked with the South Oaks security team for four years. He lives in Suffolk County with his lovely wife, two daughters and a son.

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