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Broadlawn Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Receives Valuable Grant from The Faith Home Foundation Inc. - Securing a Grant for a Very Special Robot

Amityville, NY, February 26, 2013

Gerard M. Kaiser, Vice President of Senior Services and Administrator of Broadlawn Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center stated, "I am very excited and truly grateful to the Board of Directors of the Faith Home Foundation who supported our vision of utilizing the Paro Therapeutic Robots for our patients and residents. Their generous grant of $10,000.00 enabled us to secure two robots to be shared within our facility."

The Paro Robot is an advanced interactive robot that provides documented benefits of animal therapy, where live animals present treatment or logistical challenges. Presently, the Paro Robot is being used as a therapeutic intervention in numerous countries around the world. This ingenious device is embodied in a large, cuddly replica of a baby harp seal, complete with specially designed antiseptic fur and appealing long-lashed, saucer eyes. Microprocessors adjust its behavior based on information received through dozens of sensors, taking in sensations such as light, sound, temperature, posture and touch. It responds to being petted and stroked as a pet dog would, showing pleasure through its movements and sounds. For example, "Scratch the top of Paro's head, and he will snuggle closer and respond with a kind of mewing. Pinch his flipper, and he pulls back and squeals. Over time, he will learn to respond to a familiar voice."

Broadlawn Manor's residents, in particular those with dementia disorders, will surely benefit from this therapeutic medical device. Potential benefits include increased interaction, decreased stress and anxiety and improved motivation, relaxation and socialization. Martha Peterson stated, "On behalf of the Officers and Trustees of the Faith Home Foundation Inc., we congratulate Broadlawn Manor on their initiative and continuing efforts to move forward with valued services and programs improving the quality of life to their residents."

Mr. Kaiser commented, "Broadlawn Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is delighted to be able to add the Paro Therapeutic Robots to our broad range of innovative therapies designed to enhance the quality of life for the individuals we serve." The families of our residents who come from all around Nassau and Suffolk counties will have the opportunity to see their loved one interact with the robot. Dr Kristie Golden, Vice President of Ambulatory & Community Services noted, "We look forward to seeing many smiling faces for those who call Broadlawn their home and we have the Faith Home Foundation to thank for that precious gift of happiness."

Left to right: Gerard M. Kaiser, VP of Senior Services, Broadlawn Manor, Martha Peterson, Board of Directors, Faith Home Foundation, Dr. Kristie Golden, VP of Ambulatory Services, South Oaks Hospital and Dr. Patricia Morley, Grant & Research Specialist, The Long Island Home.

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