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Wyandanch Students and Broadlawn Manor Seniors Learning From Each Other!

Amityville, NY., June 25, 2012

Outstanding Intergenerational Experience
Made Possible by
The Laura B. Vogler Foundation

Broadlawn Manor hosted a barbecue celebration on Wednesday, May 30th marking the end of another year of sharing time, talent and exchanging ideas between generations. The guests of honor included the student volunteers led by Mr. Carl Baldini, School Psychologist, at Wyandanch Memorial High School, Mr. Gerard Kaiser, Vice President of Senior Services, Elizabeth Frasca, Director of Therapeutic Recreation and residents of Broadlawn Manor along with their therapeutic recreation leader, Jean Salvato and volunteer, Beverly Dowd.

The weather was a bit drizzly for outdoor dining but the sun shone brightly on faces of all the guests. It is amazing to see the genuine care and concern of all the participants, young and old. Individually and collectively, they have become like family to one another as they share their stories, talent, hopes and dreams.
Mr. Baldini shared his pride in all his student volunteers who were handpicked by him for this program. Mr. Baldini stated, "Our students have learned to be responsible, make good choices and overcome challenges while putting more focus on others and their community."

Gerard Kaiser thanked each one of the participants for their contributions to a very successful year. Mr. Kaiser stated, "The senior residents have enjoyed the opportunity to share their history, culture and experiences while learning what's new and relevant in the world today. Clearly, this wonderful Intergenerational Experience made possible by The Laura B. Vogler Foundation is a triumph and accomplishment for everyone involved."

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