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Broadlawn Manor First Adult Day Program to Provide Linked Senior

(July 25, 2011)

Once again, Broadlawn Manor (BLM) Adult Day Health Center demonstrates why it is a leader in providing quality healthcare for countless seniors in our community. Kathleen Behan, Director of BLM Adult Day Health Center continuously strives to offer the newest and most innovative opportunities for her registrants. Linked Senior was added to her arsenal of goodies in July quickly following the heralded "Brainy Day Activity Program" implemented in March. Both of these pioneering programs are valuable resources that clearly engage registrants in a variety of ways resulting in a measurable increase in quality of life and satisfaction.

Linked Senior is new and exciting and BLM Adult Day Health Center is the first program of its kind to utilize for this population. Kathy Behan states, "Over 63,000 pieces of content are accessible through a user-friendly portal that provides entertainment, information and therapy experiences for senior adults. I am excited to be able to offer this level of activity and social interaction. The program has built in flexibility allowing us to customize an individual's experience to meet their specific needs. It is incredible and has energized our entire staff to think out of the box and offer a host of new and exciting programming."

Linked Senior includes resources such as brain fitness, games, visual and audio content to provide a broad range of activities and entertainment designed to help seniors with low vision, difficulty hearing or dexterity and cognitive issues. Linked Senior is user friendly, interactive and can be played individually, by groups or teams. There is a huge selection of games and puzzles, music, audio books, talk shows, radio shows, news, weather reports, cooking lessons, comedy, and a wonderful section entitled "Remember When". Brain Fitness incorporates in a fun and challenging way the five major brain categories: memory, concentration and attention, language skills, visual and spatial and executive functions (logic & reasoning). All this and loads of fun too.

Broadlawn Manor Adult Day Health Center has clearly made a wise investment in this program and continues to distinguish their approach and commitment to quality of life for their registrants.

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