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Broadlawn Manor Joins AmeriCorps Initiative to Promote Volunteer Service to our Local Baby Boomers

(March 11, 2010) Broadlawn Manor, a not-for-profit skilled nursing and rehabilitation center of excellence, serving the Long Island region announces its special selection as a host site for a unique national initiative called "AmeriCorps in Eldercare Settings," or ACES. Gerard M. Kaiser, Vice President of Senior Services, stated, "We are excited about this new initiative and the groundbreaking role that Broadlawn Manor will play." Mr. Kaiser was delighted to reveal Broadlawn Manor was selected through a competitive process as an ACES host site, an opportunity made possible through an AmeriCorps grant awarded to the Foundation for Long Term Care.

Mr. Kaiser commented, "How does this national initiative impact the residents at Broadlawn Manor and our community? Simply put, this is about quality of life for our residents and our community. This is about reaching out, meeting new people and giving back to our friends, neighbors and family. This is about how much our baby boomer generations have to offer and inviting them to share it with others. This is a We Care for People Stimulus." The new initiative includes the recruitment of a dedicated individual within our community to go out and meet with other baby boomers and enthusiastically share with them the opportunities and enriching benefits in volunteering within an eldercare setting. This leadership volunteer will become an AmeriCorps Member and will serve 900 hours of service and coordination for our future volunteers at Broadlawn Manor.

The exciting news about new faces and friends coming to Broadlawn Manor has added a great deal of anticipation among the residents and staff. Mr. Warren Berkowitz, a resident at Broadlawn Manor stated, "You know if you are retired and still live in the community you have the opportunity to meet your friends for coffee, visit with them and discuss current events and reminisce. You have got it made. If you are residing in a skilled facility for senior adults, some of that interaction is limited. The idea of having peers stop by and visit, share stories and discuss current events would be very uplifting. I know my life would be richer and I am pretty sure once the new people come, they are going to like us too." This program commences in the early spring and Mr. Kaiser looks forward to welcoming new volunteers.

To find out more about applying for the AmeriCorps Member assignment at Broadlawn Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, please contact or contact Gerard Kaiser, Vice President of Senior Services, at 631-608-5625.

Click here for a PDF of the ACES Flyer

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